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ARISE Together In Christ is a process of spiritual renewal and evangelization that began in the fall of 2018 in our parish and was a great success with 189 people participating in 23 small groups! If you didn't get to participate in any of our previous seasons, we welcome you for this season which starts the week of February 9th!

ARISE offers the opportunity to develop a closer relationship with Christ, grow in community, and reach out in service to others. 

You can sign up by calling the Parish Office at 563-6377 to join a small faith group community! We can't wait to discover what God will bless us with through this journey!

Key Reasons for signing up:

  • Know God better - We learn more about God, talk more freely about our faith, and hear how God has impacted other peoples’ lives. 
  • Grow spiritually - We see more clearly how the Holy Spirit has touched our lives and we become more willing to ask for the Spirit’s guidance. 
  • Meet new people - Praying and reading the Bible with others brings people closer. New relationships are formed and deepened. 
  • Talk about God - Society and daily pressures offer little opportunity for us to pause and reflect on our spiritual life. Small communities provide the time and support for reflection. 
  • Improve ourselves - Wherever we are in our relationships with Christ, there is always room for improvement. Being in a small community offers this opportunity. 
  • Put faith into action - Baptism calls us to reach out to others, to help improve the quality of life for all. Small communities assist us in identifying ways to respond to others’ needs. These communities support outreach. 
  • Change the way we see the world - Small communities enable us to view the world and all in it with the eyes of Christ. This leads us to become more attuned to the needs and problems of others. 
  • Improve relationships - Being in a small community infuses our relationships with more understanding, tolerance, patience, and love. 
  • Experience different prayer styles - The Catholic Church has a rich variety of prayers methods. It is a gift to experience the many ways of communicating with God. 
  • Rejuvenate - We bring the daily worries, cares, and frustrations into an atmosphere of prayer, reflection, and faith sharing can bring new life to our everyday world.