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Music Ministry is in an integral part of our liturgy, and many opportunities exist for you to share your talents with the community.

Making Music During the Pandemic

Some of our music ministry members have been meeting in small groups to safely share their talents with us. 


"I Know that My Redeemer Lives"

Happy Easter from the St. Michael Children’s Choir!

"Into Your Hands"

As we enter into Holy Week, we invite you to take a few moments in prayerful meditation with this Virtual Choir video created by our St. Michael Music Ministry, with director Brian Bisig.

Special thanks to Sean McNamara for producing the video.

Music by Michael John Trotta from Seven Last Words

Text:      Luke 23:46 and Matthew 6:10

“Into your hands, I surrender my whole soul. Not mine, but your will be done.”



"By Our Love", by Tom Kendzia


"A Prayer for Peace", by Michael John Trotta


"Ave Maria"by Jacques Arcadelt


"Alleluia Round", by William Boyce


For more information about Music Ministry, please contact Brian Bisig, St. Michael Director of Music.